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Activities of Association are:

  • providing consultations on mental health and improvement of relationship with the surrounding social environment, use of the psychodiagnostics directed to studying of social and psychological characteristics of the personality for the purpose of her psychological correction or psychological rehabilitation, granting methodical advice to members of Association;
  • identification and assistance to development of versatile interests and needs of members of Association which are in difficult vital circumstances, the organization of individual, educational, educational and correctional processes, leisure, sports, technical and art activity, etc. and also attraction to work of various institutions, public organizations, interested persons;
  • providing consultations on prevention of emergence and development of possible organic frustration of members of Association, preservation, support and protection of his health, implementation of preventive, medical and recreational actions, work therapy;
  • of satisfaction of material interests and needs of members of Association which are in difficult vital circumstances which are implemented in the form of providing the natural or monetary help and also the help in a type of one-time compensations;
  • providing consultations on the current legislation, implementation of protection of the rights and the interests of the persons which are in difficult vital circumstances, assistance to use of the state coercion and realization of legal responsibility of the persons resorting to illegal acts concerning members of Association (execution of legal documents, protection of the rights and the interests of the person, other legal aid, etc.);
  • search of suitable work to members of Association, assistance in employment and social escort of the employed member of Association;
  • providing information to members of Association necessary for the solution of a difficult life situation (help services)
  • representation and protection of the rights, the interests of Members of Association in public authorities;
  • information legal support of activity of Association;
  • assistance in development of the general governmental and regional events for development of a system of delivery of health care to the population, definition of the general policy in the health care field and any activity directed to achievement of the goals of Association;
  • assistance in development and support of the normative legal acts regulating also define activity in the sphere of health protection;
  • assistance of coordination of scientific, practical and organizational and methodical activities of doctors;
  • assistance and maintenance of development of approaches and systems of vocational training of doctors;
  • assistance to planning, carrying out and performance of research subjects, developments, practical and theoretical developments in the field of health care;
  • assistance to increase in level of medical culture and awareness of the population concerning health protection, prevention of self-treatment, specific and nonspecific incidence;
  • assistance to increase in qualification level of doctors and their specialization;
  • assistance according to requirements of the legislation to holding specialized exhibitions, actions, auctions, the edition on the basis of charity of the specialized literature connected with activity of Association;
  • assistance in the organization and holding actions for awarding or other forms of encouragement for members of Association;
  • assistance in a business trip of members of Association across Ukraine or out of its limits, reception of the domestic and foreign specialists in questions answering the purpose and activities of Association;
  • assistance to various forms of education of doctors;
  • assistance to development and support of regulations on standardization of medical care (installations, clinical protocols, standards of delivery of health care), medical scientific and practical, practical recommendations;
  • assistance to improvement and development of the higher medical education in Ukraine;
  • assistance to development, improvement and introduction in practical health care of diagnostic methods, treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • assistance to providing legal protection of members of Association, represents the interests of members of Association in bodies of executive, judicial authority, law enforcement agencies and local governments.
  • the participation in licensing, accreditation, certification and check of healthcare institutions of any form of ownership having offices of a surgical profile in the structure and/or render the surgical help;
  • participation in certification, recertification, control of level of knowledge and abilities of doctors
  • participation in actions, work of the commissions and other collegial bodies, meetings on consideration of any questions of professional activity of doctors;
  • participation in public and professional examination of clinical tests of the medicines, products of medical prescription, medical products, medical equipment, cellular and fabric transplants applied in clinical practice;


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